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Mistress Isabella
Details about me
Gender Female
Age 30
Relationship Normal Relationship
Country Germany
City Aachen
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Green
Body type Average
Body size 5 feet 5 inches
Shoe size 9
About me
I’m Mistress Isabella and most of you guys will have seen me on femdom portals.

One of my most intensive fetishes is having subs worship my feet. The geasture to see someone kneeling in front of me satisfies my dominant ego and gives me an indescribable feeling of power.

A real rush of pleasure is triggered if someone gets the rare opportunity to suck my toes and lick the space between each of them or kisses my soft soles. That makes my mind fly.

You will have the chance to purchase and download clips and pictures of my goddess‘ feet to admire and worship them (mentally). Having my soles in front of you even if it’s the screen you are looking at, will get you to the first level of enslaving yourself to me.

Your first level will be the one of a foot slave because that is the only sex you will ever have: Looking at my beautifull bodie’s lowest parts and being trained to get hard on it.

You will learn to love your place and you will learn to love my feet more than you have loved any women or anything else. I expect you to get your personal rush by purchaseing every item I sell.

You will learn that it doesn’t matter what the clip length is or even it’s resolution.

You will learn and respect that each of my rare files have to get your full thankfull attention.

You will buy, you will watch and you will return, over and over and over again until you feel your helpless addiction has grown out of the cup.

Then it is time to contact me on the most submissive way you can imagine.

But for now a long and expensive way of pre addiction will take it’s place right here…
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